Menlo Park Farm Stand

We had another successful Farm Stand this month at my parent's house in Menlo Park! We like to call these "farmers market meets cocktail party" and sure have a good time with all of our customers trying delicious appetizers, ranch style cocktails and filling their bags with M5 products to take home...

The bar set up on St Patty's Day... hence the "lucky" glitter reminder! Bourbon Sidecars, lemonade, champagne, cold beers and wine, a little something for everyone ;)

Even Tuesday the Thursday calf got to come along, he might have been the star of the show.

Looking a little tired after a long day of travel, set up and farm standing but it's always so great to get to see our customers face to face and sell our products that we believe so strongly are some of the best quality you'll find... it's all worth it!

Until next time....