Tuesday Shipping Days!

We are busy on the ranch every Tuesday getting our boxes of by-the-cut meats packed, on dry ice and on the Fedex truck to our customers' doorsteps! I usually round up some cheap labor to help me tape the boxes up before we ship them off.... (and no the baby lambs are not that helpful)

Pastured Everything t-shirt "limited edition" design and our Hot Dogs and Burgers assortment, with a complimentary M5 trucker hat and spice rub of course!

Ready for packing and sending off...  we brand each box with our actual M5 cattle brand and our logo and each one has a green/biodegradable liner inside to keep the products frozen (with the help of dry ice) until delivery.

Our cute mini gift certificate boxes still get the royal branding treatment - and gift certificates over $100 come with a complimentary M5 coffee mug wrapped up with a brochure, stickers and in our signature boxes - sure to make any recipient happy to get the mail!