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Welcome to Five Marys

We are the Heffernan family and we are Five Marys Farms. Brian and Mary are both from California agricultural families with deep farming roots and believe in raising children and animals "free-range" out in the sunshine, working hard and doing things the old fashioned way.

Five Marys Farms is named for the five girls in the family, all named Mary! Our four girls were all named after grandmothers and aunts on both sides carrying on a long standing family tradition of strong women named Mary. 

We started our family farm with a desire to provide the finest quality meat from pasture to plate - after years in the restaurant business we had a lot of trials cooking with different meats from small farms to bigger names. We came to realize things like a 21 to 28-day dry hang provides the most amazing flavor and tenderness and that every day of an animals life is important in the end result.

We wanted to bring this small farm mentality with no shortcuts to customers in a direct and easy way. We have worked hard to find a way to ship our meat directly to our customers, and we hope you will taste and appreciate the difference as well!

Give us a try and you won't be disappointed. 


Pastured Everything Shipped to your Doorstep



  • We believe in selling only the finest meat and the finest meat comes

    from animals and land that are well cared for.  

  • There are no shortcuts. 

  • We are a small family ranch and together as a family

    we vigilantly care for each of our animals. 

  • Our Black Angus cattle, Navajo Churro lambs and Berkshire heritage pigs spend their lives on our green pastures and hills rich in minerals and with plenty of sunshine and fresh Northern California mountain air. 

  • You can experience the difference in the taste of our beef, lamb and pork.


  • Our meat is never treated with antibiotics or hormones. 

  • We are organically minded and GMO free.

  • Our beef is finished on pasture grass and steam-flaked GMO-free barley.


  • Our animals are processed at a first class USDA process, cut and wrap facility and each cut has complete traceability to our animals. 

  • Our ground beef and steaks are all dry aged for 21-28 days for tenderness and flavor you won't find many places other than the premier steakhouses. 

  • We strive to bring the finest meat to your table, as well as the real story behind it, so you know just where your food comes from.

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