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Hi there Five Marys friends!

Our hope here is to create a community for our social friends and customers (and anybody who wants to join us) for some exclusive recipe inspiration and cooking tutorials - and lots more to share with you!

We'll post a new recipe every week and share videos to have fun cooking together. Our recipes will be seasonally inspired from summer grilling to fall slow cooking; bone broths, our favorite craft cocktail creations; homemade breads or desserts; as well as behind-the-scenes aspects of ranch life and everything that goes along with it. 

We will use Five Marys meats and offer special weekly boxes a few days before a post to cook the inspiration meals along with us - but don't expect everyone is able to order from us so we'll give you a shopping list to get local meats and veggies beforehand either way.

Thanks for joining us and for your support - we are really excited to form this community to share all of our favorites with you!