Five marys in the news

It's always exciting for us to see Five Marys in print or motion!  


Carhartt on the Ranch

We had an experience we'll never forget when Carhartt and the Pride of Gypsies production team all descended on the ranch for four days to document our daily life and get some special footage for two commercials... one on the history of Carhartt and one honoring hard working mothers everywhere

And I'm as proud as ever to wear my Carhartts on a daily basis - whether I'm feeding cows and helping Brian load and throw 82 bales of hay a day, delivering a new baby animal, collecting chicken eggs, working on the campsite or packing orders in my shop. Thank you Carhartt for letting us be a part of this!

"92 Unpredictable Days of Spring" History of Carhartt Commercial

Carhartt Mother's Day #AllHailMom!

Verizon tells the Five Marys Story!

Documenting our day-to-day life on the ranch, from the trials and tribulations to the best parts of raising these animals and sharing our meats with friends and people all over the country is really meaningful to us. Social media has become such a strong and inspiring community in so many ways. It means a lot to us to have you follow along for a front row seat through the ups and downs and day to day experiences and to see firsthand where your food comes and what goes into raising animals the right way. 

Jason, a chief storyteller for Verizon came out to visit last week and rode along to join us documenting a day on the ranch. He wrote up his perspective on our life and a little bit about our transition to ranching on their news site with a fun video to go along with it!

Thanks for the visit #verizon! #ad #fivemarysfarms 

verizon int.jpg

California Bountiful Farm Bureau Magazine: "High Five!"

Read about Five Marys in the California Farm Bureau magazine - CA Bountiful!

"High Five!"